Selecting Your Final Resting Place Prior to Need Just Makes Sense

None of us like to think about our death. However, we all will go onto eternal life one day. Preparing for the inevitable passage into a new and everlasting life makes spiritual, emotional and practical sense. In fact, in many respects, pre-planning your Catholic burial arrangements is a gift, both to you and those you love. Here are a few reasons why you may want to seriously consider making this important choice—


When Jesus knew He was about to leave this world, He instructed His followers how to remember Him. As Catholics, the cemeteries we choose and burial choices we make should reflect His teachings and our faith.   Choosing a Catholic burial is truly a privilege.

A Thoughtful Gift

By making your wishes known to your family today, you alleviate unnecessary stress on your family during a time of emotional despair. It is a thoughtful and loving gift to your family because pre-planning lifts a tremendous emotional burden from your surviving loved ones, creating an environment in which to better support each other and celebrate your life. Give this gift to your family.

It’s Logical

It just makes sense. Plus, you will know that your decisions were made on your terms not under emotional stress which can lead to choices you did not want. Most of us give ourselves an appropriate length of time to prepare and plan for the important things we do in life. Certainly, decisions regarding your final resting place deserve the same thoughtful consideration, without unnecessary pressure.

You Decide

Pre-planning burial arrangements is much like creating a Living Will. It’s a sure way to make certain that your wishes are understood and honored. Your loved ones will not need to decide in haste without your help.

Saves You Money

The need to purchase burial space is inevitable, as are higher prices in the future. By selecting your final resting place prior to need, you will receive our best price. Pre-planning protects your savings by “locking in” today’s lower prices and eliminates the possibility that your family will be left with an unnecessary financial burden. Plus, our installment payment option helps to reduce any financial burden and no finance or interest charges apply.

Location Selection

The sooner you begin the process, the more desirable locations and the greatest number of options you will have.

Endowed Care

As part of your pre-planned purchase price, all Diocesan cemeteries assume responsibility for lovingly caring for your resting place. You or your family will not be subject to annual maintenance fees, now or in the future.

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