Memorialization is a wonderful way to express your love while honoring and remembering your loved ones. We designed this memorialization section to help you see our selection and guide you to choose the memorials that will help you remember and recognize your dearly departed family members. We offer various types of memorial programs. Use this page to review our programs and create a special memorial for generations to come.

Headstone Guidelines

A multitude of memorial markers can be used to mark the graves. The varieties available are dependent upon the location of the grave and range from flush markers to large monument markers. In keeping with the Catholic identity of our cemeteries, we require that the predominant artistic symbol of a cross or crucifix be on all memorial markers installed. Please contact your local cemetery office for specific headstone guidelines.

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Urn Guidelines

A variety of urns are available through your funeral home. However, before purchasing your urn please check with your cemetery on size requirements.

Porcelain Portrait

Choose your favorite loved one’s photograph, and we can help you select and display a Porcelain Portrait for your glass or granite niche or crypt. LP Photoceramics Digi Portaits on porcelain are the finest quality reproductions of your personal photographs or studio portraits. The combination of LP’s state of the art image transfer technology and the maximum color retention characteristics of porcelain ensure beautiful results. The addition of quality bronze frames add elegance and durability. You can choose from color, black and white or antique sepia. Porcelain Portrait memorials allow you to remember your loved one for generations to come.

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Bronze Crucifixes

Bronze Crucifix for Granite Niches

What better way to show your faith and belief in eternal life than to display a bronze crucifix on your loved one’s niche or crypt. We offer two sizes depending on your loved one’s location.

Bronze Crucifix Statue for Glass Niches

We also offer a bronze crucifix statue for glass niches.  Our bronze crucifix statue is similar to the crucifix that is mounted on the front of granite niches, but is modified as a statue to stand alongside of your loved one’s urn.

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Floral Program

Beautiful silk arrangements for every season!

Since the beginnings of church tradition, the faithful have adorned the final resting places of their loved ones with symbols reflecting their strong faith in the continuing presence of the Lord and in their firm hope in the resurrection as the promise of everlasting life.

In keeping with these traditions, the Cemeteries of the Diocese of Camden now offer a floral memorial program to honor our departed loved ones through the placement of seasonal silk arrangements for graves, crypts or niches.

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Our Catholic Cemeteries wish to honor our veterans by encouraging families to have the graves, crypts, and niches of their beloved veterans memorialized with medallions or markers signifying their service to our nation. You must go through your cemetery office to place your order. This will ensure that the appropriate markers and medallions are ordered. Please visit or call one of our cemetery offices for assistance.

The Veteran Affairs Department furnishes a bronze medallion that can be affixed to an existing privately purchased headstone, marker, crypt front or niche front for veterans interred in a private cemetery. The medallion is available in a few sizes. Each medallion is inscribed with the word VETERAN across the top and the branch of service at the bottom.

Visit the Department of Veteran Affairs and download VA order from 40-1330M. Please remember your completed form and necessary documentation must be forwarded to the cemetery office. The cemetery will verify the correct size medallion is being requested based on their cemetery regulations. The Superintendent in charge of the cemetery will sign and forward the completed form and required documentation to the VA for processing. Our staff is here to help you and is happy to answer any questions.

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Once the medallion is received, it will be installed as per cemetery regulations.

Veteran Flags are placed on graves by the cemetery personnel for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Also, flag holders are available for you to display your American Flag. Ask your cemetery personnel for a flag holder.

We are pleased to announce that some of our cemeteries offer a dedicated lawn section for our veterans. These special sections of our cemeteries allow veterans and their spouses to rest eternally while surrounded by their fellow service men and women and honored by the flag under which they defended our freedoms.

More Memorialization Items


In addition to grave markers and lettering on crypts and niches, there are many opportunities to memorialize your deceased loved ones on the grounds of our cemeteries, in our garden areas and chapel mausoleums. Donations for trees, religious statues, benches and other accessories to enhance the sacred environment in our cemeteries and mausoleums are acknowledged by the inscription made on the item or on an accompanying plaque.

To have your loved ones memorialized in this way, please contact the cemetery office to find out what opportunities are available at that location.

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