The Diocese of Camden Cemeteries are holy grounds, offering dignified, respectful resting places to the mortal remains entrusted to our care. Understanding that the cemetery, like the church, is a vital part of Catholic life, we truly believe we are blessed and privileged to practice this Corporal Work of Mercy through the age-old tradition of the Catholic Church.

It is our mission to help all Catholic families whether you are experiencing the death of a loved one or you are interested in a pre-need purchase. You will find many resources to help you understand your choices. We recognize that it is a privilege to be buried in a Catholic cemetery; we hope you agree. We encourage you to read and learn why a Catholic burial is your right.  A Catholic burial is your choice, your privilege and your right.

Please call 800-594-4980 and we will answer your questions or schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.  We aim to serve, please and console.

The Heart of our Mission is to comfort those who mourn.

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