Gardening May Help With Grief | Ask About Our Garden Permit Program

Spring is synonymous with rebirth, renewal and the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. During the spring, trees are blooming, perennials are popping up from the ground, and animals are waking from hibernation. Spring is the time of year that fills most people with hope and optimism. For many it is a happy time, possibly because warmer days with longer daylight hours are on the horizon.  The smell and sight of beautiful, fragrant flowers in bloom give a joyous, solace and lighthearted feeling to many of us.  However, many might be grieving with pain from the loss of a loved one.  Gardening may help to ease this pain.

Gardening is a nurturing and productive pastime activity that helps to heal the soul and feed the heart. Research shows that digging in the earth’s soil is soothing, comforting and peaceful. When planting seedlings, cultivating the ground, and nurturing flowers, we experience happiness from our fruitful labor.  With spring comes the growing season, now is the time to consider the Garden Permit Program available at South Jersey Catholic Cemeteries.

The mission of South Jersey Catholic Cemeteries is to not only bury and pray for the dead, but also to comfort and console those grieving. Hence, we offer a Garden Permit Program which begins as early as March 23. The Garden Permit Program allows for the annual planting of flowers in front of monument markers giving family members the ability to care for the final resting place of their loved one(s). Families are permitted to plant annuals and place objects within the boundary of the border installed.

If you would like to learn more or would like to fill out the Garden Permit Program, please contact your cemetery office, call 855-MyPrePlan or download the Garden Permit Program form. Mail or hand in your completed form today.