The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Camden offer a few options for those who choose dignified above-ground entombment or inurnment.

We offer chapel and garden community mausoleums


Chapel Mausoleums are interior burial vaults in areas adorned with liturgical artwork, and often feature peaceful courtyard atriums, seating areas and balconies. They surround a dedicated chapel used for committal services. Masses are held in these chapels during special times of the liturgical year including Advent, Lent, All Souls Day and Memorial Day, and are open to the public.


Garden Mausoleums offer above-ground resting places in natural, open settings. Surrounding seating areas are designed for comfortable visitation and reflection.



Columbaria are located inside a mausoleum or in a specific cemetery section; columbaria offer niche vaults for cremation urns and serve as lasting memorials to the departed. Niches are available in glass or granite.



Private Family Estates represent a unique opportunity to establish a personal and private family memorial with multiple above-ground burial spaces.